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Therapeutic Products

The therapeutic benefits of lavender have been known for centuries.   We offer a full line of products that bring these benefits of lavender into your home.   All of our therapeutic lavender products are available for purchase at Sequim Lavender Farms. Sequim Lavender Farms offers a complete e-commerce web site representing multiple lavender farms from Sequim, WA.

Lavender Essential Oil

This is high grade oil derived solely by steam distilling buds right from the plants - - creating a wonderful 40/42 blend.   Featuring a gentle sweet aroma, you can use this oil to relieve headaches, put in potpourri, use on bug bites, refresh linen sachets, or put in your laundry water.   The limit of its uses is no shorter than your imagination. - - 10 ml.     

Massage Oil

Try our lavender massage oil for a relaxing massage.   Made with sweet almond oil and our lavender essential oil. - - 4 oz.  

Massage Oil w/lavender stems

Our wonderful lavender massage oil infused with sprigs of lavender in the bottle provides a wonderful, soothing experience. - -

Bath Salts

Step into a nice relaxing bath with our bath salts made with sea salt and pure essential oils.   Our salts are ground small to dissolve in your bath quickly.     8 oz.    
Available in Lavender and Lavender/Sweet Orange.