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Lavender's unique fragrance results from the combination of over 180 different chemical constituents in its essential oil.   Its scent is not duplicated by any other plant.   As an industry, lavender oil ranks in the top five essential oils produced a year.*

Lavender has been a staple of herbal lore for centuries - - which has now been confirmed by modern medicine.   Lavender constituents have proven effective against hyperactivity, insomnia, bacteria, fungus, microbial activity on gums, airborne molds, and even against staph germs (when mixed with other oils).   The medicinal uses include inhalation (via steaming), direct application to the skin or in bath water.   Other medical uses are currently being researched world-wide.*

Sequim Lavender Farm cultivates four varieties of lavender.   They are listed below:

Lavender Grosso - - Grosso plants provide thick, medium-width leaves featuring one of the most delightful foliage colors - - a deep purple bloom.   Grosso blooms are rotund and long, up to 24 inches in length (including stem).   Grosso will grow wider than it will tall.   However, if packed in with other plants, it's stems will rise up to about two feet above the ground.   This plant is hardy and can survive at temperatures as low as 0 degrees Farhenheit.**

The aroma of the bloom is very robust and is especially useful in scented products and in grilling foods.

Lavender Provence - - Provence plants have large flower heads, about 3 inches long and nearly an inch wide.   The foliage features a solid blue-grey color with sweet fragrance. **

Lavender Hidcote - - Somewhat shorter than other varieties. Its brackets are more separated than other varieties of lavender. Hidcote was originally raised in the UK before 1950 and features dark coloration, is appropriate for hedging or for other ornamental use.   There is a bit of mystery surrounding this plant in that there are several varieties, the origin of each is a bit uncertain. In addition, Hidcote is good for culinary use.**

Lavender Royal Purple

Introduced by Norfolk Lavender, Ltd, Royal Purple features long stems and long cylindrical spikes.   It is suitable as a hedge but should be pruned regularly to maintain a rounded shape. In addition, Royal Purple is good for culinary use.**

*  (The Lavender Garden, Robert Kourik, 1998)
** (Lavender, the grower's guide, Virginia McNaughton, 2000)

We are pleased to offer the following lavender products at lavender bunches and bud.

Dried Grosso Lavender

Generous, large dried "Grosso" lavender bundles that will make your house and craft projects smell and look great!  

Lavender Buds

Straight from our farm, dried and sifted twice for an organic culinary grade of lavender buds.   We retain the rich, dark color and strong scent that will last on and on by harvesting at the right time and storing the lavender in dark, air tight containers.   These buds have many uses from arts & crafts, sewing projects and cooking.   We send an idea page with each order of buds.   2 oz. (about two cups)