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Household Products


Sequim Lavender Farm offers a variety of useful household products including rug deodorizer, linen water, and dryer bags. All of our lavender household products are available for purchase at's for the home page. Sequim Lavender Farms offers a complete e-commerce web site representing multiple lavender farms from Sequim, WA.

Dryer Bags

Toss one of these large muslin dryer bags filled with lavender buds in your dryer for great smelling clothes.   They last up to six months when used once a week.   Just squeeze the bag to refresh the lavender scent. - -

Rug & Room Deodorizer

Recapture summer with the fragrance of lavender in our new Rug and Room Deodorizer! We use lavender straight off of our farm for this product.   Use to freshen up rugs, garbage pails, kitty litter boxes, car interiors and much more. - - 16 oz. container.    

Linen Water

Prized for its distinctive fragrance, lavender has long been used in toiletries.   The custom of dampening linens with lightly-scented water before ironing is popular in many French households.   Spray on clothing or your linens before sleep. - - 4 oz.    $4.00     16 oz. refill.   


These sachets are filled with lavender buds from our farm.   Use them for car fresheners, linen closets, dresser drawers or slip under your pillow to help you sleep.   Lavender is also a great moth repellant, so make sure you put one in your closet.   Comes in a variety of lavender colored fabrics. - -

Votive Candle

These candles are made with a coreless wick and from high quality paraffin wax so that they burn even and clean.     Lavender or gardenia scent - -