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Established in 1998, family-owned Sequim Lavender Farm rests on five acres off of River Road in Sequim, Washington.   The Dungeness Valley, famous for its unique weather patterns in the shadow of the Olympic mountains, provides a perfect environment for our Provence and Grosso Augustifolia lavender.   These plants feature brilliant colors and a sweet fragrance perfect for sachets, bundles, and a ready source for buds to use in a wide variety of products.

Sequim Lavender Farm is 100% organic.   We use only organic fertilizers and control weeds the old fashioned way, we impede weed growth by using barrier and hand picking.   There are no herbicides or pesticides used on the farm.

Our products are organic and include:

  • Lavender plants, bundles and buds
  • Bathwater, bubble bath and lotions
  • Massage oils
  • Household products, sachets, and carpet treatments

The farm has grown from just a few plants to several thousand, healthy, and abundant plants.   We have plans for continued expansion in our lavender production and in our product offerings. As our business expands we will continue to fulfill our customers' needs with new or improved products, all produced with the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

As a member of the Sequim Lavender Growers association since 1998, we have been involved in the Sequim Lavender Festival.   In addition to our own business efforts, Sequim Lavender Farm engages in cooperative efforts with other lavender growers and product vendors to provide the best, consistent quality products to our customers.